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Autumn Gathering 2015

1ST DAY – Saturday, September 19th : Meeting “The feminine and the divine – From Isis to Black Madonnas”
2ND DAY – Sunday, September 20
th – Workshop with Vivianne and Chris Crowley



The feminine and the divine – Isis, Dark Goddesses and Black Madonnas

Saturday, September 19th




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Nigra sum sed formosa

filiae Ierusalem

sicut tabernacula Cedar

sicut pelles Salma

Chant of Chants, 1,5

In the shade of the Biella mountains, near one of the most sacred places in the area, a meeting dedicated to the sacred and symbolic dimention of the feminine, its archetypes and to the enigmatic aspect of Black Goddesses, such as Isis, which image was transformed into that of the Black Madonna, present in this area at Oropa. A long journey through psyche, spirituality and history. The worship of Black Madonnas, transposition of a more ancient cult of the divine feminine, spread from the mediterranean area to Northern Europe, images of an ancient and deep-rooted devotion.

Symbols of a universal archetype of the feminine inner dimention, this chtonian aspects of the divine feminine can speak not only to those who are linked to new forms of spirituality, to religions that exalt the Goddess, but also to laymen and to other religions. We will approach to this dimention through different perspectives, psychoogical, symbolical, historical and above all through the spiritual evolution to redescover and understand her role.

The meeting adresses in particular to spiritual seekers, neopagans, and children of the New Age, counselors, psychologists, scholars of symbolism, and it's opened to all those who are seeking a more sacred dimention in their life.


saturday 19th september

10 am – Opening

10.15 am – I speech – The cult of the Black Madonnas – Vivianne  and Chris Crowley

11 am – II speech – The Black Madonna: symbol of Earth, of Water and Sky - Caroline Wise

12 am – III speech – Symbology of some feminine hindu goddesses – Amadio Bianchi

ore 12.30 – IV speech –  being defined

1 pm – Lunch



2.30 pm – The symbolism of the Oropa Sanctuary: tour of the site and the external chapels – by Luigi D’Ambrosio

2.30 pm – Tour of the Temple of the Moon and the Temple of the Sun – by Maria Feo

Sala degli Sci:

2.30 pm – [provisional title] Shamanism and feminine power - Sarah Tenaglia

4.00 pm – Meditation: from the way of suggestion to the way of Knowledge  - Amadio Bianchi

5.30 pm – Deepening the connection with Our Lady of the Earth – Vivianne and Chris Crowley

7.00 pm – Round table – Neopaganism and feminine spirituality

Sala del Camino

4.00 pm – Journey to the carven of the Black Madonna for dreams and divination - Caroline Wise

5.30 pm – The serpent and the furnace of the universe: a thelemic vision of the rebirth of the goddess of the infinite – Soror Axel

Private room

4.00 pm – Masculine and feminine priesthood of the universal cult of the Goddess: a daily practice - Cronos

5.30 pm – being defined – Laura Petronelli and Amalia Dall’Aquila

Dinner at 8.00 pm


Vivianne and Chris Crowley, are psychologists and psychotherapists, they have been working with spiritual counselling for many years. Chris has been psychologist at London District, Vivianne is professor in psychology of religion and she has taught at King's College, the prestigious institute of the University of London. She has been also an associate professor at the Union Institute of Cincinnati (Ohio).

Amadio Bianchi is the organizer of the event “Artisti per la pace – Gandhi 50 anni dopo”, he met the oriental philosophy publishing two philosophical cahiers: “L'Evoluzione” (The Evolution) and “I Simboli” (The Symbols). He has collaborated with the official Indian and Italian authorities organising many conferences on the unity in the diversity and multi-religious meetings. President World Movement for Yoga he participated in many TV programs and regularly contributes to reviews and newspapers and he is author of many texts on oriental symbolism and disciplines.

Luigi D’Ambrosio, has been dealing with local traditions and folklore symboles of Biella area for many years, he has been guest in the TV program Mistero and he publishes for its reviews. President of Associazione culturale Antica Quercia located in Biella, that publishes the review “Vento tra le fronde”. He has been studying Neo-druidism for many years, he is one of the organizers of the National Wiccan Meeting in Biella and he organises many events, such as the annual Beltane Festival.

Caroline Wise worked with The Ley Hunter, a 1970s English review that seriously studied the Earth mysteries and the nature of the Ancient sacred sites. She has been founder member and director of the ASSAP – Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. In the 1980s she contributed to the Guide to Legendary London. Caroline holds regularly workshops and conferences in the United Kingdom, in Europe and United States of America focusing on feminine sacred aspects.

Laura Petronelli, Experienced Moon Mother and Italian Administrator of Miranda Gray. She deals with Womb Blessings and Healing of the Feminine Soul. She started her Wiccan path in 2003, and since then she works with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, Phyllis Curott, Lorenza Menegoni and Thea Worthington, and she also started a path in the OBOD. Co-founder of Associazione Argiope. She is High Priestess of the The Temple of Cailleach tradition.

Soror Axel (Corinna Zaffarana), scholar of anthorpology of the sacred and of the occult, she is an esoterist initiated in the italian branch of the Ordo A.'.A.'. - S.'.O.'.T.'.V.'.L.'. , she contributes to “LAShTAL” review, she coordinates the Centro Studi e Ricerche C.T.A. 102 and she promotes the C.T.A. 102 project, an online review on thelemic and esoteric culture.